Change is on the horizon. With new traffic coming to Cleburne, we are happy to prepare the resources needed to adapt to the anticipated growth. If you, or someone you know, are looking to build a home in our small town, this is the time! Today’s Ft Worth Star Telegram featured an article highlighting the coming change for Cleburne. Raintree Homes hopes to accommodate those looking to move into town. We are ready to welcome new neighbors!

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New toll road expected to bring growth to Cleburne


One comment on “Change is on the horizon

  1. Jake blanchette

    I saw the pitcher on the your website of the kitchen. It was in the section called something different. I would like to see some more pics of this type of home. We are around six months from looking to build build somewhere in the area. And I thought this was really awesome. So I would love to see some more of what y’all can do in this something different type of area.

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