Belle Meadows: Phase III

There has been great progress on our new phase for Belle Meadows: Phase III. If you have driven through the development recently, you will have seen machines at work, whether rain or shine. If you haven’t, come by and watch them work or swing by the office for any inquiries. The home building phase is not far away. We are grateful to all the crews that have worked hard thus far on the creation of this coming portion of Belle Meadows. We look forward to the completion of this phase of the development by fall of 2018. With that will come the start of new home building, which will continue to build our community here in Cleburne as our new neighbors and friends move in.


Change is on the horizon

Change is on the horizon. With new traffic coming to Cleburne, we are happy to prepare the resources needed to adapt to the anticipated growth. If you, or someone you know, are looking to build a home in our small town, this is the time! Today’s Ft Worth Star Telegram featured an article highlighting the coming change for Cleburne. Raintree Homes hopes to accommodate those looking to move into town. We are ready to welcome new neighbors!

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